Meet Britt, Entrepreneur, Artist and Creator of Nin Studio

After experimenting with how clay can transfer energy into form, Britt created a business that transcends seasonality through hand-made ceramics and clothing. When she’s not tapping into her natural surroundings to create art, she finds balance through meditation, yoga and of course cuddling with her furry cat companion. 

Join us as we get an insider view on Britt’s personal style declaration, what inspires her both professionally and personally and when she feels the most confident. 

What people call you: Britt

Where you live: Mexico City

What you do: Entrepreneur, Artist, Creator of Nin Studio


How would you describe your style?

Contemporary Cosmopolitan Lady Monk.


Who are your icons? What is it about them that inspires you?

Georgia O'Keeffe, I love how honest she is in her style and her life. You can see she is honest and true to who she is! I also love a young Meryl Streep.


When do you feel most confident?

When I am in SUPER oversized clothing and a pair of heeled sandals.


What’s your daily routine?

Yoga, meditation and writing if I can fit it in! Going to the office, cooking and taking care of the space/house by organizing things and cleaning. Popcorn in the evenings.


Describe a time in your life when you felt like a modern warrior.

When I am challenging and being challenged within the work processes that are happening. I view being modern as being adaptable, open and flexible with the challenges that come about.


How do you relax and unwind?

Meditation, yoga, cooking at home with my boo, spooning with my cat.


What keeps you going?

Wanting to see change happen.


Something you’re obsessed with right now:

My cat! And the series The Crown on Netflix and the Por Siempre vegan tacos near my house.


Words to live by:

Something I heard today! You learn to run by running, to live by living, to cook by cooking, to enjoy by enjoying, to create by creating, to speak by speaking, to listen by listening etc. etc! <3


What’s your hype up song or anthem:

Principles of Lust by Enigma

What does Warrior mean to you?

To have dignity and honesty in how you live your life and to have a choice in front of fear.