Guerriers (French for warrior) is an active uniform designed for whatever comes your way.

For the bold, stylish, and active, Guerriers brings an edge to classic silhouettes and celebrates the wardrobe of a modern warrior, giving them the confidence and comfort to tackle everything from working out to work-at-home – and beyond.

We create collections in small batches in partnership with small workshops that focus on reducing environmental impact by sourcing locally, utilizing ready made and deadstock materials to curb waste, and creating garments of the highest craftsmanship.


Our Story

Before launching Guerriers, founder Megan Jinnah spent over 15 years in fashion merchandising in New York, working at iconic brands including Bloomingdales, Saks, and Gucci. 

The word Guerriers is French for warriors. We believe that we are all warriors with our own stories. For Megan – life-changing events like caring for a partner with Stage IV cancer who ultimately passed, to finding love again years later, to having a baby at 30 weeks due to her own life-threatening complications – made her stronger. These life lessons, and knowing the importance of being happy, was her warrior story and ultimate motivation. It fueled her to leave her comfortable job to start her own small label and take on the world with confidence, passion, and positivity

The concept of Guerriers came after she started to play tennis again. Megan wanted to wear pieces that, while classic, had an edge and allowed her to express their own personal style while continuing to celebrate the traditions of the sport.

Backed by years of experience and her story, Megan brought Guerriers to life with the hopes of creating a community of like-minded warriors who support and inspire one another with strength, style, action, and love. A community where no one is alone, where triumphs are celebrated and loss translates to resilience. 

Guerriers is not only a brand. It is a mind-set. It is a community. It is a lifestyle.