Meet Lauren, Senior Marketing Director

After feeling frustrated with the lack of measures being implemented at her company to protect women after giving birth, Lauren joined forces with a small group of her peers and presented a modernized family leave policy to help even the wage gap. When she’s not out fighting for full equality for women, you can find her enjoying her newfound passion for gardening (thank you quarantine) and adding unexpected pops of color with wallpaper. 

Join us as we learn more about Lauren’s icons, her new snowy obsession and when she feels the most confident. 

What people call you: Lauren 

Where you live: Huntington, NY

What you do: Senior Marketing Director for a global media company.


How would you describe your style? 

Classic. I love timeless looks that are polished but relaxed. I do also enjoy adding a little bit of trendiness here and there to my looks.


Who are your icons? What is it about them that inspires you?

RBG always - her motto's have become my North star and she demonstrated you can be powerful but still feminine at the same time. I love the importance Ina Garten places on staying engaged with others; I try to channel the poise of VP Harris whenever I'm the lone female in a professional environment. I'm a big fan lately of the integrity shown by Sedona Prince this past spring, and I'll forever be inspired by Amanda Gorman's ability to capture an audience for all the right reasons. 


When do you feel most confident? 

When I'm taking a risk I believe is worth taking. 


What’s your daily routine?

Wake up and start my day with a 45 minute barre workout or take a walk around my neighborhood. Avocado toast and coffee for breakfast together with my husband before he heads out for the day, then it's time for work. I like to work in my vegetable garden after the workday if time allows. Then it's dinner and playtime/reading with my daughter. I love to chat about her day at preschool while she "helps" me cook. The day usually ends with a few episodes of whatever show I'm knee-deep in or a few chapters in whatever book is on my nightstand at the moment. And maybe some online shopping :) 


Describe a time in your life when you felt like a modern warrior.

The time I explained to my company's executive leadership team that our current family leave policy was causing female employees to earn less during a year they took maternity leave, and we as a company were thus contributing to the wage gap. Thankfully this policy has since been transformed. 


How do you relax and unwind?

Gardening! I've become such a fan of planting and growing flowers, shrubs and vegetables. I try to take as many courses on novice gardening as I can, and my new "Happy Place" is pursuing a nursery on the weekend. I love the seasonality of gardens - watching which month's bring certain blooms and having color around my home in all four seasons. Rose', true crime documentaries and reading on the beach will always be go-to's as well, especially with how rare finding some time to be alone on the beach has become. 


What keeps you going?

The idea that I can continually be creating the life I want to be proud looking back on. 


Something you’re obsessed with right now:

Snow shoeing! I got really into this amazing high intensity/low impact workout over the winter. And bold wallpaper! I'm obsessed with wallpapering small spaces in my home like our bathrooms and my daughter's playhouse in very bright, bold patterns. 


Words to live by:

The great RBG once said, "Fight for the things you care about, but do so in a way that will inspire others to join you"


What’s your hype up song or anthem:

Rain on Me by Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande. Constant reminder that this too, shall pass. 


What does Warrior mean to you? 

Never giving up. Taking less than you need but giving more than you have without feeling like it's a sacrifice to do so. Being present. Finding your strengths and using them to your best ability whenever called upon.