Meet Rie, A Mom and Beauty Executive Living Life on Her Own Terms

It’s a new adventure for Rie, who since the start of the pandemic has been taking on her Executive Director position at La Mer Beauty at home, sharing space with her 14 year old daughter in their New York apartment. But like every goal she sets her sights on, she leads with confidence and style. 

Learn how Rie takes on the day - chilling out by cooking, trying to see the world through her daughter’s eyes, and living life on her own terms.

What people call you: Rie

Where you live: New York, NY

What you do: Luxury Fashion/Beauty Marketing Executive

How would you describe your style?

Laid-back luxury.

Who are your icons? What is it about them that inspires you?

Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Serena Williams - Black Women who are fearlessly feminist and proof that Women can have the life they want with successful careers, relationships, children, etc.

When do you feel most confident?

When I am accomplishing a goal, whether it's a personal or professional one. I always feel unstoppable when I accomplish something I have been working towards, especially when I thought I couldn't.

What’s your daily routine?

It's less routine these days, but I wake up and make a green juice while I check emails. At some point before lunch I do a 20min yoga flow. I check on my teenage daughter while I eat lunch and then finish up work for the day around 5P. I cook dinner and then try to go for a walk. 

Afterwards, I either watch a movie with my daughter or read for a few hours then scroll through social media and go to bed.

Describe a time in your life when you felt like a modern warrior.

When I first moved to Manhattan as a single mother. This city will eat you alive and I wasn't sure how I was going to manage our lifestyle financially or emotionally without family close by. I remember seeing how excited my then 7 year old daughter was to live here. It was hard at first but soon we had established a core group of friends and became regulars at restaurants and theaters in the neighborhood. Now I can't imagine us living anywhere else.

How do you relax and unwind?

Cooking and making cocktails... I really enjoy food and learning to make a variety of cuisines is really fun for me. I also love to entertain. Seeing people I love enjoying food that I prepared makes me really happy.

What keeps you going?

My daughter! She is such an amazing young woman, she inspires me everyday to live the life I want and to not let fear or the doubts of others get in my way.

Something you’re obsessed with right now:

TikTok...but who isn't!

Words to live by:

Do what you want, how you want, no matter who tries to tell you they know better.

What’s your hype up song or anthem:

Beyoncé. Always Beyoncé.

What does Warrior mean to you? 

Living your life on your own terms, a warrior is someone who perseveres even when people doubt them.