Meet Sarah, Chronic Illness Advocate, Nursing Student, and Podcaster

A chronic illness advocate, tastemaker, full-time nursing student and podcaster, Sarah is the epitome of a modern warrior. Driven by her personal battle with two chronic illnesses, she went to Instagram to create advocacy around these issues, while also documenting her own personal style. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, she co-founded The Style Killas, a podcast on style and fashion—all while attending nursing school full-time. 

When talking with Sarah, we were instantly drawn to her passion and drive, but what really got us was her unwavering positive outlook—no matter what she is up against. Learn more about how she defines her personal style, how she is able to relax and unwind and where she looks to for inspiration. 


What people call you: Sar

Where you live: Central Jersey

What you do: I use Instagram as a platform for advocacy for chronic illness, as well as a creative space for my style. I also founded my own style podcast, The Style Killas, with a good friend of mine all while I go to school full-time for nursing!


How would you describe your style?

This is always a really hard question for me that I never know how to answer haha. I don’t limit myself to one style that’s for sure, but I definitely think I fall mostly towards streetwear/men’s fashion. I’m a big fan of neutrals and most of my favorite fits incorporate them. Mixing pieces is another staple of my style, along with oversized jackets, baggy jeans, and a nice sneaker.


Who are your icons? What is it about them that inspires you?

Another hard question! Jen Ceballos was one of my first style icons back in high school. I love how she can make a simple piece look so good. Currently Koffi.w and wuzg00d are my inspirations because of how much they stand out in the over saturated streetwear community. It’s really hard to be different in the streetwear community but they both constantly come up with jaw dropping lays.


When do you feel most confident?

When I’m walking down the street in a solid lay. I love making the world feel like my own fashion show. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from random strangers on outfits which is always very cool.


What’s your daily routine?

Right now my days are split between nursing school, my two jobs, my fashion content creation, and recording, editing, and promoting The Style Killas, I guess you could say I like to stay busy!


Describe a time in your life when you felt like a modern warrior.

Honestly everyday I feel like one. Battling not one but two chronic illnesses takes so much out of you on a daily basis. Having so many creative projects and living with Type 1 Diabetes and Epilepsy can be overwhelming some days, and a lot of people don’t realize every day I have to fight in order to do the simplest of things. However I’m always grateful for my resilience to do whatever I set my mind to, despite the hurdles.


How do you relax and unwind?

Music is definitely therapy for me. I’m always listening and singing new music. I also love to write poetry. Definitely helps me unpack any baggage currently in my life. 


What keeps you going?

My family and friends are definitely my biggest inspirations and motivators. My co-host Theo Thomas, is definitely my biggest supporter on the friend end. Whenever I’m having a bad day I know I can turn to him. My positive mindset/outlook also plays a big role in not giving up when things get hard. I try to remind myself that the most successful people in life have also failed the most, we don’t find groundbreaking ideas in our comfort zones.


Something you’re obsessed with right now:

I started yoga recently and I’m really loving that. I’m also obsessed with my growing process and seeing how much I’m changing for the better. And sneakers, but I’ll always be bossed with those.


Words to live by:

The most successful people in life fail the most, you don’t find groundbreaking ideas in your comfort zone. Find comfort in being uncomfortable and knowing you’re growing.


What’s your hype up song or anthem:

SDP by Travis Scott. There may be barely any words but the beat is so infectious you don’t really need any.


What does Warrior mean to you?

Being a warrior to me means not being afraid of failure, welcoming it, and learning how you can do things differently in order to succeed in the future.