Worn by Warriors, January Edition

As you know by now, we love seeing how our friends, customers, and influencers wear Guerriers! Here are some shots we've received this past month. During a crazy time, they made our day so please keep them coming and tag us on Instagram (@WeAreGuerriers) for an opportunity to be featured!

Left to right: Erika Urena in the Warrior Sweatshirt, Karolina Perlik in the Warrior Tee, Thi Lam also in the Warrior Sweatshirt

Left to right: Cassie Bowse in the Simone Ruffle Sweatshirt, Karen Tochterman in the Simone Ruffle Sweatshirt, Jill Kupcha in the Simone Ruffle Sweatshirt, and Holly Mero in the Warrior Crest Sweatshirt and Warrior Crest Sweatpant